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Hard To Forget Press Release April 3, 2020

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New EP- Triggered



Thanks so much for visiting my site! I'm excited to share that my new EP “Triggered” will be released on October 25th! I have been working on it over the past year and a half, travelling between Toronto and Nashville. I want to send a big thank you to CBC for all of the support I have received as a songwriter over the past two years. My first single off the EP “Jane” received airplay on CBC Country/SiriusXM Canada and my song “Triggered” has been added to CBC’s Canadian Songwriter Playlist this week. What makes this extra special is that I got a chance to work with my longtime co-writers and friends (Dave Woods, Ray Walsh, Marcum Stewart, and Jeff Orson). The EP also includes a duet version w Jeff Orson on our song co-written with Dave Woods “Won’t Let Me Let Go” which received radio play nationally this past year. I hope to send out music over the coming weeks. Thanks again so much for listening 🎶🎶🎶Dayna 💗

My "Spotify" Artist Page

Here is my link to Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/search/dayna%20shereck. I so appreciate you listening and  adding me to your playlists. 

CBC- Canadian Songwriter Playlist

  1. My title track "Triggered" was added to CBC's " Canadian Songwriter Playlist"  this month. It is a song that definitely crosses over into other genres, as it was written on piano and has a moody singer- songwriter feel.  I am so appreciative of the support I have received from CBC in the past couple of years and feel very proud that this song has been added to this fantastic streamable playlist. You can listen here:  


Title track "Triggered" can be heard here

Co-written by Dayna Shereck, Dave Woods and Ray Walsh. Heard on CBC-Canadian Songwriter.  Recorded in Nashville, TN, Beaird Studios. Available on itunes, Spotify and all digital platforms October 25th, 2019.  Released by Squirrel Head Music: https://squirrelheadmusic.com

What's new


Late Summer In Nashville

Although I don't normally hit Nashville during the summer because of how crazy hot it is, I had a good reason to go this year. I am recording my 3rd EP that I will release at the end of October. It is a compilation of songs that I have written through the year, including a duet with Jeff Orson that I will include on this EP. The solo version was released by Jeff early in the year and received airplay across North America and airplay on CBC in Canada.  The first song I will be releasing to radio was co-written with Marcum Stewart who I started writing with over 8 years ago when I first came to Nashville . The song is called "I Heard It All Before".  I also had a great time writing with a very talented Nashville based artist Andrea Goodman along with Marcum Stewart.  I also had the opportunity to attend a wonderful workshop led by Gretchen Peters,  this is the first workshop I have attended and I learned so much!!


My new EP "Chasing The Moon"

I'm thrilled to be releasing my 2nd EP "Chasing The Moon" on January 15th, 2018. This EP was written over the past year, and recorded in Nashville in October, 2017. It is my most personal collection of songs and I focus more on family than I have in the past. This is also the first time I have a song released to radio, my single "Two Feet On The Ground" will be released January 1st, 2018!


"I have a lot of respect for Dayna's drive. Her relentless hard work, co-writing and frequent trips to Nashville have proven successful. She has built relationships with artists and writers and now her songs are being heard by mainstream major label artists" Barbara Sedun, President Reliant Music.

Working on New EP-to be released end of 2019


February 2019- Heading back to Nashville

I will be heading back to Nashville in early February to record  for this new project.  I am also excited to be attending the release party of my friend and co-writer Andrea Goodman, who is releasing her first full length album "No Man's Land".  

"Jane" is the first song off my new EP and was released at the end of January to all digital media outlets including Spotify, Apple music etc. The song has been added to CBC Country SiriusXM and is receiving regular airplay.   I am so grateful to have my music heard  and that is possible because of CBC.