Artist Projects - Co-written songs released on albums/Film


Jeff Orson has a voice that is heartfelt and impactful. I was fortunate to write "Won't Let Me Let Go" with Jeff and Dave Woods in late 2018. "Won't Let Me Let Go" has received radio play through CBC Country on SiriusXM nationally through Canada.


I had the good fortune to write and get to know Andrea Goodman on a couple of my early trips in Nashville. Recently signed to a Nashville based label, Andrea is releasing her first full length album "No Man's Land".  I was a co-writer along with Marcum Stewart on the title track as well as "The Door"


Chase Stevens is a friend and co-writer who I have have known for years.  He has created a beautiful album called "Tumbleweed".  I was fortunate to be a small part of it, as I was a co-writer on "Someday".


Barbara Lynn Doran is a good friend and co-writer. We have written together for years.  Our song "Before You Say Goodbye" was released on her most recent album "Reveal". This beautiful album received radio play throughout the Canada and the US. 


Marcum Stewart is very talented Nashville-based Singer-Songwriter. We have written several songs together over the past few years. "A Reason" and "Can't Hold a Memory" were released on his full length album  "Put It In Drive " 


I was fortunate enough to write a couple of songs with this great talent, Jeff Dayton. Jeff is the former band leader for Glenn Campbell and Kenny Chesney.  Our song "Stoned" was released on his album "Twang On".


Film Placement

Thrilled to have had my first film placement with a song called "Whadaya Say" in the family film "On The Wing" starring Shirley Jones and Corbin Bernsen!